Tuesday, June 29, 2010

=( Heather's going away party )=

Heather is one of my besties.... We were roomates in good ol' Milwaukie before I bought my house and she moved to Colorado. These are pictures from a little 'going away' shin-dig we had for her at my house. Right now she is pretty much not sleeping and instead she is frantically studying her nursing textbooks in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I really want to visit her there!

Erica and Heather

Nurse Betty was there to celebrate Heather's transition to nurseyhood!

Erica again radiantly smiling for the photo!

Turns out my new place is great for gatherings! The living room and kitchen are one and it is a great space to socialize, eat and drink! Love it!

I gave Heather a stethoscope for her going away present. Dave (my ex-boyfriend) immediately took the opportunity to give my roomie a check-up. **no he is a nice guy... really**

My friends are silly just like me. We had a fun photo session on my couch.

Silly girls....

scary girls.....

cutesy girls....

When all was said and done, the party was a success. Heather has started her new chapter and I'm so excited for her!

Necia and Bubba

Here are some photos from Necia and Bubba's beautiful wedding!

The first couple of pics are from the rehearsal and dinner.

Necia and her uncle.

Bubba is a funny guy. He grew a mustache and thankfully shaved it off after the rehearsal.

My good friend and I....

Necia gets ready for her big day!!

Beautiful couple!

This might be my favorite pic. I love Necia, and I also love her family. This is her Grandma and her Mother. Honestly, I spent a lot of time with these ladies when we all lived in the Meridian Valley Country Club. They are like family!
It was a great event!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip from the past!

Here are some pics from a trip Mom and I took to Pacific city this past winter. They are old now, but not forgotten! I'm excited because it was this trip that we decided to plan and reserve a house that the family is actually going to in 2 WEEKS!!! Woo hoo do I need a vacay!

Pacific City is up there with my favorite places on the planet!