Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dad comes to Portland!

Rather than having my Dad visit for my surgery, I asked him to come up when I was feeling better so we could spend more time together. I'm so glad I made this request because we had a wonderful time hanging out!

We had a great trip to Silver Falls.

We also managed to stop and see Angie jump horses in Wilsonville. I made a new friend.
I talked Dad into drinking wheat grass shots and also eating tons of other super healthy foods. He was a great sport.

French pastries from Saint Honore Boulangerie.
Freaking delicious!
...... and now we're in line for VooDoo donuts.... yeah, we ate a lot...

I ate 1/3 of mine and gave the rest away to a hungry mouth.
Waterfront photo
And Dinner at Saburos. This is my favorite place to eat sushi in Portland. The dish above (Spicy Tuna Salad) is so good I can't even tell you how good it is. Sadly, this was my last sushi meal with fish or any type of meat. It was a good one though!

We took a gorge tour. It was fun!

Was pleasantly surprised to see this rock formation on the Columbia. I live in such a beautiful part of the world!  Thanks for coming out DAD!!!!

running a river

I had a quick trip to Hood River last summer and was lucky enough to tag along with some kayakers! I was in the big boat, and even flipped it, but had a blast!!!

This is what a beginner looks like....
This is what the pro's look like....

Hood River/White Salmon is a beautiful area. Would be wonderful to have a cabin there some day......

pac city year 3

This last July we had our 3rd annual stay at the Pacific City Beach house. Pacific City never gets old. It is beautiful and my favorite place on the Oregon Coast. I always take a ton of photos to document the family fun. Here are a some (several) of those photos!

LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! Surfing with my brother and sister!!
Surfing with sis-in-law Angie!

Had fun with my waterproof camera this year.
Climbing the big hill.

A day on the ATV's!

Cow crossing....

Will crying because I gave him sand boobies.... haha...

My poker face.
Such an awesome 5 days!!!! Looking forward to next year already!