Monday, December 28, 2009

Whidbey Island!!

I took a little one day trip the day after Christmas to Whidbey Island to see my Aunt Marilyn, Cousin Alix, Cousin Scott and their families. I haven't seen any of these fantastic relatives for over 2 years and this visit was long over due! I loved visiting Coupeville! The scenery was fantastic and I couldn't resist taking countless photos of the land, water, and my beautiful family members.

Washington is beautiful!

This photo was taken on the ferry ride from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island.

This is my Cousin Alix and her Nephew Milo. SO CUTE!!

Scott and Alix posing on their family's farm. What a great place to be a kid!

Scott is skillfully selecting a hubbard squash or two for me to take home. I already made squash soup and it was delicious!

A scenic lighthouse on the West side of the Island.

An old fort created to protect us during WWII.

Old pilings from a bridge that is no longer. Scott and I were obsessive photogs and it felt great to be with my like-minded cousin!

Had to make time for a little bit of yoga.

Waterfront near downtown Coupeville.

Mt. Baker from Toby's. (The local bar where we indulged in a few beers)

My brilliant cousin Scott.

A character filled picture from Toby's.

This wonderful home belongs to Marilyn's mother, Jean. It was so beautiful inside and out!

Milo and Thea looking absolutely adorable.

More photo fun.

Can't get enough of these kids!

Hello eyelashes!!

Aunt Marilyn and her Bichon.

Oh.... this visit was so fantastic! I only wish we had more time. It was great to catch Scott and his family while they were up here from Southern California. We missed Corrie and I need to make a trip to Seattle to hang out with her soon!

I really treasured this visit! Thank you for showing me around, feeding me and making me feel loved! I love you guys!

Christmas 2009

Christmas this year was great! It went by too fast though. I found myself driving to Seattle on Christmas Eve and the next two days flew by. Of course I took several pics of my amazing nephews and my niece. I miss those kids. Christian is 16 already! I can't handle the fact that he was born when I was in the 9th grad and now he is becoming and already sounds like a man!!! Oh how time flies.

Picture #1- Will playing, "the dinosaur is eating my face" with his new battery powered scary large lizard like creature.
This is a picture of the scariest santa I have ever seen. Sorry Ang. He just gives me the creeps.

My handsome nephew Christian.

Will and Megan playing with a new toy.

Will and his first pair of skis!

Time to eat!

And more eating!

Happy Holidays!

Baby love

I had to post pictures of my friend's beautiful baby. Her name is Roxy and she was born a few days before Christmas. She is a miracle really, and holding her three days after her birth was enough to keep me cooing for days. She weighed about 6lbs when I held her for a few hours and honestly I can't really put into words how much I enjoyed my visit with her! So tiny and helpless!

Thank you B and T for sharing that precious time in her life with me! Congratulations on your newest family member!

Here are a few pics to help illustrate her cuteness:

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Nutcracker

I spent last weekend in Seattle. Unfortunately I was miserably ill the entire time I was there, but Thankful for my Mommy who took take care of me. We did have one night out on the town.... Ladies night in honor of my Mom's birthday. We had dinner at McMennamins on Queen Anne and then went to the Nutcracker Ballet.

This first picture is my favorite! My Sister and my Mom are looking radiantly beautiful.

My sisinlaw Ang and I

I like this photo too. The lighting was fun, even if it was in the bathroom. I would have taken more, but my sister reminded me that it isn't the best etiquette to take pictures in the bathroom area. Ooopsies!

Waiting patiently for the doors to open

How cute is my Mom?

This was the chandelier in McCaw hall. It was pretty cool.

This picture is Hilarious! After the ballet, everybody was posing with these statues. I pretty much forced my Mom and sister to pose for a pic. You can see the excitement on my sister's face! FUNNY FUNNY!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just like the good old days....

When I was smaller my brother used to throw me around and wrestle with me. They were good times.

On Thanksgiving weekend, I watched the Cougs play miserably, but my time with my brother and his family made the day so much fun. These rowdy boys kept me entertained and not even concerned with the dumb football game!

Some pics to illustrate the good times!