Friday, December 18, 2009

The Nutcracker

I spent last weekend in Seattle. Unfortunately I was miserably ill the entire time I was there, but Thankful for my Mommy who took take care of me. We did have one night out on the town.... Ladies night in honor of my Mom's birthday. We had dinner at McMennamins on Queen Anne and then went to the Nutcracker Ballet.

This first picture is my favorite! My Sister and my Mom are looking radiantly beautiful.

My sisinlaw Ang and I

I like this photo too. The lighting was fun, even if it was in the bathroom. I would have taken more, but my sister reminded me that it isn't the best etiquette to take pictures in the bathroom area. Ooopsies!

Waiting patiently for the doors to open

How cute is my Mom?

This was the chandelier in McCaw hall. It was pretty cool.

This picture is Hilarious! After the ballet, everybody was posing with these statues. I pretty much forced my Mom and sister to pose for a pic. You can see the excitement on my sister's face! FUNNY FUNNY!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!

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