Saturday, July 25, 2009

quality time with Mom-

I was so sad to see my Mom return home to Seattle! We had SO MUCH FUN!! She came to town on Tuesday night and we wasted no time getting down to the waterfront for dinner. Did I mention the weather was perfect all weekend?? It was fantastic!
Mom on the waterfront. 
Portland night lights.

So we left for the beach on Wednesday. We stayed in Pacific City, Oregon, which is my favorite spot on the coast. We drove from Portland to Tillamook and of course we had to stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for cheese and ice cream! Ahhhhh.....cheese and ice cream.... Vacation-makings!

Look at all that cheese!
and the ice cream....
We stayed at a hotel right on the beach. I wasted no time making myself comfortable. I was actually quite enamored with the view and spent most of my time on the deck, or looking out the window. IT WAS AWESOME!
Pacific City is famous for its' Dory boats. These smaller vessels are launched from the beach(manually that is) and when they are done, they literally speed towards the beach and slide onto shore.
Mom and I posing for a picture.
Mom and Baby sharing air kisses.
I have had many beers and post-surfing meals at the Pelican Brew Pub. What I didn't know was that they make amazing dinner dishes. I had crab-crusted snapper and mom had beef medallions and garlic mashed potatoes. It was delish!
View from the room after dinner.
I engaged in a little digi-photo fun....
Tire tracks from my explorer, which is parked in the distance. We decided to drive around the corner and on the beach to see the sunset. 
It was gorgeous!
Baby found a lonely sand crab. I took it's picture....

....and Baby gave it kiss and then I helped it back out to sea.

Baby looking cute as always.
I also managed to get some surfing in.
In this picture I was checking out the big-icky-scary waves. I let them push me around for a while, and then decided that hanging with Mom was more fun.

After 3 super fantastic days at the coast, Mom and I spent our last day together in Portland. We did some exploring, shopping and eating before boarding a jetboat tour. We got soaked when the boat went from 50 to 0 knots in about 3 seconds. It was so much fun and I recommend it to anyone who visits Portland and doesn't mind getting completely soaked.

Oh Man... both Mom and I have to go back to work tomorrow. It was a great weekend, as it always is with Me Madre. Love you and thank you for visiting Mommy!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I guess I just needed a break??

Sorry I haven't posted in ages! I have just been taking a break from technology. My Mom is in town and we are headed to the beach tomorrow for a few days. I will definitely post some pics from our vacay later on. Stay cool everyone! It is supposed to be over 100 degrees in Portland on Saturday! Yikes Stripes!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Indian Heaven

I always talk about how beautiful Oregon is, but this time I have to rave about my home state of Washington. Betty (my work pal and backpacking buddy) and I headed to the Gifford Pinchot National forest. Our original plan was to backpack on Mt. St. Helens, but they don't allow dogs. Then I had chosen a few fantastic ridge trips, but they were still snowed in. So-- we ended up going to Indian Heaven and it was breathtaking! 

We headed out on Friday morning and spent the day hiking in about 4 comfortable miles. The hike itself was very ascetically pleasing with a new lake to look at every 2/3 of a mile. There were also Mt. views all weekend. Indian Heaven is located in the middle of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams. I LOVED THE MOUNTAIN VIEWS!
This was just after leaving the car.A peek-a-boo view of Mt. Rainier.We ended up crossing paths with a girl named Jenny and she ended up joining us. Jenny, Betty and Baby are pictured here walking the path to Rock Lake.The Rocks in Rock lake.Once we got to Blue lake, it was gorgeous! 
The water was so blue and I couldn't wait to cast my lure into the lake. I caught a fish first thing, threw it back and wouldn't know it?? I didn't hook another one all weekend. I jinxed myself, I know.We also hung out a guy named Joe. He and Baby became fast friends.Betty showing Jenny her 'Jazz Hands'.A view from a cliff we climbed up.Baby climbed too!Our cozy campsite.The second day we were there, we took a day hike to some other lakes. I messed with this picture so you could see Baby's feet. She was a mighty dog, crossing rocks and streams that she would have never attempted a few years ago. She is such a GREAT 11 YEAR OLD DOG! I love my pumpkin.On our day hike we ended up at the most beautiful, desolate, serene spot on Bear lake. Betty and I were so happy to be away from any other backpackers, we had to make a funny face for the camera. Shocker... I know.
Bear lake in all it's beauty.There was snow everywhere. Here it was still melting at the waters edge.Nothing but nature.Ahhh.. cute timer photo at Bear Lake.

There were amazing mountain streams and waterfalls everywhere. I wish the lighting were better in this pic so you could see the falls more clearly!
This was a picture of our 4th of July fireworks. I wouldn't have had it any other way!
Boo. This was a picture of Betty as we were leaving Blue Lake. She was posing like she was going to vomit in this picture, because Betty had some food or water that didn't agree with her the night before. She had the unfortunate experience of getting sick in the middle of nowhere. She is a tough cookie!
And here we were at the end of our trip. It was a beautiful trip. It was also one of those trips where a ton of little things go wrong, but you just roll with the punches. These things included; Beth having a serious carsickness episode on the forest rode up to the trailhead, Beth and Betty both being devoured by mosquitos immediately after exiting the car, tasting Deet mosquito repellent all weekend and still getting bit well over 100 times, Betty getting sick in the middle of the night and not having a toilet bowl to comfort her, having a broken water filter, having dead batteries in my head lamp, etc., etc., etc. 

The good news-- It takes a lot to ruin a trip when you are in such a beautiful place. I would go back now if I could.... well maybe only if I had stronger mosquito repellent. 

Looking forward to the next trip already!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

family time

I'm short on time, but wanted to post pics of the fam before the holiday weekend. These are from the Birthday BBQ last Saturday at my sister's house. I can't believe how big Mathew is! I think he has a very promising football career in his future! He's a big boy! 
How cute are his little California surf shoes?
Will relaxing with Mom Angie and Grandma Julie. 
Mom and I watched a TLC show on Saturday morning (TLC is the one channel I miss with no cable!) and got a recipe off one of their domesticky shows. They were dried figs stuffed with either Blue cheese or a Creamy Chev, and then wrapped in prosciutto and baked until crispy. They were Delish!
Ahhh. Angie hasn't changed at all. I swear she looked just like this 15 years ago! Hot Momma!
Big boy walking....
Will about to throw a water balloon at me!
Love this photo-- Daddy and son.
Megan and I being posers.
Carrie and Grandma Junette.
I LOVE THIS PHOTO!  Megan and Will were horsing around and he just looks so entertained!

The BBQ was fun! I wish they lasted longer. I look forward to seeing the family again soon. Tomorrow Betty and I are headed to the stixx again after work! Stay tuned and Happy 4th of July!