Saturday, July 25, 2009

quality time with Mom-

I was so sad to see my Mom return home to Seattle! We had SO MUCH FUN!! She came to town on Tuesday night and we wasted no time getting down to the waterfront for dinner. Did I mention the weather was perfect all weekend?? It was fantastic!
Mom on the waterfront. 
Portland night lights.

So we left for the beach on Wednesday. We stayed in Pacific City, Oregon, which is my favorite spot on the coast. We drove from Portland to Tillamook and of course we had to stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for cheese and ice cream! Ahhhhh.....cheese and ice cream.... Vacation-makings!

Look at all that cheese!
and the ice cream....
We stayed at a hotel right on the beach. I wasted no time making myself comfortable. I was actually quite enamored with the view and spent most of my time on the deck, or looking out the window. IT WAS AWESOME!
Pacific City is famous for its' Dory boats. These smaller vessels are launched from the beach(manually that is) and when they are done, they literally speed towards the beach and slide onto shore.
Mom and I posing for a picture.
Mom and Baby sharing air kisses.
I have had many beers and post-surfing meals at the Pelican Brew Pub. What I didn't know was that they make amazing dinner dishes. I had crab-crusted snapper and mom had beef medallions and garlic mashed potatoes. It was delish!
View from the room after dinner.
I engaged in a little digi-photo fun....
Tire tracks from my explorer, which is parked in the distance. We decided to drive around the corner and on the beach to see the sunset. 
It was gorgeous!
Baby found a lonely sand crab. I took it's picture....

....and Baby gave it kiss and then I helped it back out to sea.

Baby looking cute as always.
I also managed to get some surfing in.
In this picture I was checking out the big-icky-scary waves. I let them push me around for a while, and then decided that hanging with Mom was more fun.

After 3 super fantastic days at the coast, Mom and I spent our last day together in Portland. We did some exploring, shopping and eating before boarding a jetboat tour. We got soaked when the boat went from 50 to 0 knots in about 3 seconds. It was so much fun and I recommend it to anyone who visits Portland and doesn't mind getting completely soaked.

Oh Man... both Mom and I have to go back to work tomorrow. It was a great weekend, as it always is with Me Madre. Love you and thank you for visiting Mommy!

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