Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wahtum lake

Wahtum lake is a very convenient and beautiful place to get away for some peaceful time in nature. You can park relatively close, and just hike in a half mile or so. It is also on the Pacific Crest Trail, so you have some nice day hike options. 
I got lucky and found a spot hidden away right on the water. It was perfect and exactly what I needed that weekend.

Baby and I had a nice day hike before it started pouring!

Cute little chipmunk taking in the view.
My campsite.
Curried Ginger Carrot soup I heated up for dinner.
My camp buddy.

Cooper Spur backpacking

As part of my recovery process and attempt to stay anxiety free, I made several trips out into nature this past summer. I had a great couple of days up on Cooper Spur on the East side of Mt. Hood. Baby and I had a blast as always!
Perfect time to see the wildflowers in bloom.
Our campsite with a view.
Freeze dried veggie dinners.
Yummy Yakisoba!
Sunset was AWESOME! Mt. St. Helens in the distance.

This was sunrise from my tent.

Baby and I enjoying a hike before heading back to the city. I love my Pumpkin!

camping with Mom

Mom and I decided to camp in Mt. Hood National Forest. After searching high and low for an available campsite, we finally found a cozy place off of Lolo Pass road.  We had a wonderful time!!!

Laurie joined us for foil packet dinners we prepared in the campfire coals. My packet is the veggie only one on the far right. Baby had her own meat only packet on the far left. Dinner was a success!

Mom tending to the fire.
Good times!
Baby wasn't too enthused with Mom stealing her spot in the tent. Hehehe...
We ended our weekend with a drive up to Timberline lodge. Fun times!!

Table Mountain Hike

Laurie and I hiked Table mountain in preparation for Yosemite, and also my Mt. St. Helens Climb. It was quite a hike and we had perfect weather! The only bad thing about this hike was that I had to carry Baby down a rock face because her old bones and joints couldn't handle it. Her technical hiking days are over. =(  Otherwise, this was a great day to hike in the Gorge!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


As part of my recovery, Laurie and I decided to take a big trip. Yosemite had our name written all over it and we managed to sneak away for 6 1/2 packed days (including our drive to and from).  We were able to backpack for 4 nights and 5 days and it was such an amazing trip! We were a little bewildered after driving all night to get there, but we made the best of it! 
Here's a pic before starting our long, arduous hike up to the top. We planned to stay on the Pohono trail, which was sure to please with gorgeous views. We were not disappointed!!
The park has VERY strict rules about using bear cans. We had to plan carefully.
When we finally arrived to our campsite (Stanford Point), this was the view. I was SO tired, but it was hard to feel bad with this view!
This was the view from our tent!
It was amazing.

On day two, we headed to our next campsite, with amazing views on the way!

We ran into a couple with their horses. They wanted us to take a photo of them on their horses, just like the famous Roosevelt picture. I became buddies with this guy. He kept rubbing his head on me!

Our tent was very close to this beautiful swimming hole. I enjoyed a dip and some good reading. **sigh**
Laurie, getting some reading done.
I love wood!
We had a nice 12 mile hike on day 3 without our heavy packs! It was an awesome day! Here I am inching close to the edge at Taft Point.
A photo over the platform. This picture doesn't do this cliff justice!
Laurie seriously freaked me out here! She was applying a little too much pressure! This ledge is the same one that I'm standing on in the following pic!
I love this pic. It kind of helps the viewer gauge the magnificence of Yosemite!
There were super cool rock fissures everywhere.
If I were a tree, I'd want to grow tall in Yosemite.
Laurie and I resting after hiking 9+ miles. Time to head back to our campsite.
First, a cheesy pic of me inside of a tree=).
Half Dome.
Yoga Fun.
More yoga fun.
Getting some much needed rest before more hiking on Day 4.
The wood picture opportunities were unreal in this park. I loved every little detail!
We stopped to eat some food at Taft Point. Laurie unpacked her bag and watched her sleeping bag roll off the cliff. We were in disbelief and sad because 1) Laurie loved her sleeping bag and 2) this meant we'd have to hike all the way to the car, cutting our trip short by one night=-(!!!! Not good!
Amazingly, I spotted her bag after one last visual sweep. It had hit a rock and rolled into a little hole! Laurie climbed down there (making me a nervous wreck) and she retrieved her beloved sleeping bag!!
I love this pic. No words!
We spent our last night at the same spot we started our trip. It was so peaceful.
Does it get any better than this? That is El Capitan across the way. At night, you can see the rock climbers head lamps as they sleep in their suspended hammocks.
Our last sunset.
Laurie doing a Sacral Chakra Dance!
Laurie waking up on our last morning.
I seriously did not want to leave.
The views as we were hiking down.
We made it!
Laurie had one beer and felt loopy! She was hilarious!
El Cap from the valley floor.
One last photo, driving through the rocks before hitting the freeway for the long ride home. This trip was a TOTAL success!!! I hope to go back someday soon!