Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smith-Gonzalez visit

Have you ever been around that person that makes everyone smile? Their laughter and happiness is contagious and rubs off on all those around them? My friend Sara has this effect on people. Our relationship goes way back to the Regents Hill Hall in Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!). She is the type of person that you want to always be around. She has been an irreplaceable friend for me during my own times of adversity. She is smart, funny, compassionate and real. I know Sara, by now you are sick of hearing praises about you, but seriously, "You rock"!
Leave it to Sara and I to produce a cheesy picture. This one is really bad, maybe one of our cheesiest. We laughed out loud for about 37 minutes after taking this picture. Who knew digital photography could be so entertaining?
Sara and her husband Trevor came to Portland last weekend. Along with two carloads of people, we spent the day at Mt. Hood. It was a blast.

A picture of the skiing duo.

This picture was taken in Heather Canyon. Trevor and I made it back there for a run and it was pretty amazing. Yay for fresh snow! That little black dot in the bottom right hand corner is a skier. I am always amazed at the terrain on Mt. Hood and feel so fortunate to just over one hour away!
Rebeca also had her second snowboarding trip and did great! She also managed to leave the Mountain with two free rental vouchers. She'll be going up with us again!

A picture of the gang eating some lunch in the Pizza Brew Pub.
I also had to include a picture of Nurse Betty. This chick was meant to have a board under her feet and I'm so excited to see her hooked on a new sport. Next- Surfing on the Coast. Geeez I am an expensive friend!

This weekend was great. I was extremely sore(thanks to the professional skier Trevor) and exhausted from laughing so much(thanks to Sara the comedian). I can't wait to see Trevor and Sara again real soon!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby J is on the way!

I drove down to Corvallis on Saturday for the first time in several months. It wasn't for school or work.... it was for my friend Beth's baby shower. First of all, this chick rocks! I can't tell you how many adventures we have embarked on together and I seriously think this baby will be born to two of the greatest people out there. Beth and Robin are pretty much the most organized couple I have ever met and I'm pretty sure this baby will always have what she needs, while experiencing all that is great in the world (I'm thinking lots of backpacking?).
Here is a pic of the glowing Mommy-to-be.This was a pic taken a few years back on one of our midnight hikes to our campsite. 
They are just too darn cute!
This would be a picture of Beth and I being silly on another camping trip.
Our first triathlon together!More cheesy fun on a tip to Mt. Bachelor.  I'm just sad we never rode our motorcycles together! She is definitely a bad-ass biker chick!
Long Story Short- These two are going to be amazing parents and I can hardly wait to meet their little girl. She will have the energy and smarts of a superstar and with the support and caring of Beth and Robin, the sky will be the limit! Congrats you two!! Can't wait to meet Baby J!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It is official: I want a cabin in the woods. This past weekend, the ladies and I rented a small cabin about 20 minutes from Mt. Hood. 
We arrived on Friday night with enough time to enjoy homemade enchiladas and mexi-salad. This cabin was super cute. It was equipped with all the amenities including a hot tub and a roaring wood stove. It was perfect!
Heather also made the blueberry and cream cheese scones from scratch. She is pretty amazing!
We hit Mt. Hood Meadows on Saturday for some skiing and snowboarding. Rebeca and Betty tried snowboarding for the first time and did amazingly well! It was fun too because Betty borrowed my gear while I used her skis. It was the first time I had been on skis in 13 years! They were fun for about 30 minutes and then I was more than happy to strap the board back on!
Rebeca and Betty posing for a pic.

I love this photo of the girls-

After a long day of snowboarding, we enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner which included Spicy Thai peanut chicken and Curried Chicken. We all took turns preparing food for our meals and it worked out perfect. Everyone made great dishes!
We enjoyed a little Vino, then played some serious card games, sat in the hot tub and then those who are addicted, watched several episodes of 'The Office'. I'm still waiting to fall in love with that show. Unfortunately it is a little too reminiscent of all my least favorite cubicle work memories.

We took our time waking up on Sunday morning. We drank gourmet coffee and ate cinnamon rolls. Around noon we made it to a local trail for some snow shoeing. It was a perfect day for a hike!

Erica made a few friends while I was seeing a man about a horse. When I came back from my little diversion, this little guy was hanging out on her hand.
Near the end of our hike, Julie decided to cool down with a little break in the snow.

A picture of my pumpkin- She was pooped and nearly fell asleep in my arms as I carried her for the last 30 minutes of the hike. I keep forgetting she isn't a young little thing anymore. Boo!!!!
This weekend was a ton of fun, but exhausting!
The cabin was perfect! Heather's bed was right in front of the cozy fire. Four of us slept upstairs in the loft. 
Heather and I....
Betty and Rebeca....
I feel that this pic pretty much sums up the weekend. We had a great ladies weekend full of action packed activities, but we also enjoyed each others' company over good food and wine. A cabin rental is already in the works for later this year. Instead of enjoying the snow, maybe we'll take advantage of the ocean and all become surfer babes? Did I mention that Oregon and I were meant to be? I love this place-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Toasting the bride with wine

I have been SO busy lately. That would be why my blogspot has become somewhat of a distant friend. I am always thinking of things to blog about, but I have been putting in 50 to 60 hour work weeks, while trying to maintain a regular gym schedule. I feel like I can no longer complain about my apartment because I really only sleep there!

I have also been traveling to Seattle a lot for a family visit with my Pa and this weekend I'm here for a very short visit to celebrate my good friend Rita's dwindling bachelorettehood. Two weeks from now she will be a married woman! My single lady friend list keeps shrinking!!! Aahhhh!

I try to keep my posts and pictures appropriate, but I'm afraid it is very apparent in a few of these pictures that I had one taste too many. I have to be honest though, I HAD SO MUCH FUN yesterday at Rita's party!  We went to about 5 different wineries in Woodinville, Wa, had a great Italian dinner and finished back at the house with presents and brownies- all with fantastic company! Here are a few pics-

Kelly, Jen and the bride-to-be Rita.This place had a great atmosphere. The chandeliers and marble counter tops made us all feel like we were on an elegant cooking show set. Great Wine too!
I'm so happy for Rita. We have been friends since our ResLife days at Washington State. I couldn't contain my happiness for her and had to give her a smooch. Did I mention that she will be getting married on the beaches of Cabo in Mexico?
This would be where our drinks started to add up and at our last stop we started doing yoga poses. Some of the girls were also excited because 'The Bachelor' was in the vicinity also tasting wine. I am referring to official Bachelor that is on the ABC show right now. I wasn't too excited to run to see him and opted to enjoy my wine tastes. Once I have a pic, I will post it though. I guess he is cutie.I had to include the pyramid picture. I was feeling good, but not good enough to climb atop the pyramid. Very funny to observe though!
Ahhhhh. The girls. Rita has three sisters (two of which are twins) that all kind of look like her. Can you see the resemblance?
We had dinner at Stella Mia's in Bothell. It was very good and I'm pretty sure I'm going to crave Creamy Basil tomato soup for the next 2 weeks. 
I didn't want to post pics of all of Rita's presents. This one was conservative enough (depending on the reader I guess). We had plenty of laughs and I think we all learned a few things too. HeHe...

The day was a blast and I couldn't be happier for my very special friend. Congrats Rita!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hangin' with Dad and the fam-

This is my father- Roger Chamberlin. I have been having so much fun just hanging out with Dad. Yesterday we all went to the local casino for a little bit of gambling and crab buffet. The big winner for the night was my Sis Angie. She was a Happy Camper.It seems like as we get older, we notice the physical similarities in our features. My Mom also came out with us last night and so we were able to evaluate eyes, cheeks, noses, etc. Dave and I have pointier noses, while my sister has the more Scandinavian rounded nose like my Mom. This profile shot above shows just how much of my Dad's nose I have. Crazy....
Mom and Carrie almost literally sharing a smile.
A picture of the boys.
A pic with the big winner for the night.
I took with pic without giving Megan and Christian any notice. Geez Auntie Beth--
This seriously is the cutest pic ever!! Those boys are SOOOOO cute! Mom and Dad are pretty great too!

Today I have to leave town, but get to eat pigs-n-a-blanket and watch the superbowl with the family before I leave.  I think I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Please come back again soon Dad! Maybe next weekend?