Saturday, February 28, 2009

Smith-Gonzalez visit

Have you ever been around that person that makes everyone smile? Their laughter and happiness is contagious and rubs off on all those around them? My friend Sara has this effect on people. Our relationship goes way back to the Regents Hill Hall in Pullman, WA (Go Cougs!). She is the type of person that you want to always be around. She has been an irreplaceable friend for me during my own times of adversity. She is smart, funny, compassionate and real. I know Sara, by now you are sick of hearing praises about you, but seriously, "You rock"!
Leave it to Sara and I to produce a cheesy picture. This one is really bad, maybe one of our cheesiest. We laughed out loud for about 37 minutes after taking this picture. Who knew digital photography could be so entertaining?
Sara and her husband Trevor came to Portland last weekend. Along with two carloads of people, we spent the day at Mt. Hood. It was a blast.

A picture of the skiing duo.

This picture was taken in Heather Canyon. Trevor and I made it back there for a run and it was pretty amazing. Yay for fresh snow! That little black dot in the bottom right hand corner is a skier. I am always amazed at the terrain on Mt. Hood and feel so fortunate to just over one hour away!
Rebeca also had her second snowboarding trip and did great! She also managed to leave the Mountain with two free rental vouchers. She'll be going up with us again!

A picture of the gang eating some lunch in the Pizza Brew Pub.
I also had to include a picture of Nurse Betty. This chick was meant to have a board under her feet and I'm so excited to see her hooked on a new sport. Next- Surfing on the Coast. Geeez I am an expensive friend!

This weekend was great. I was extremely sore(thanks to the professional skier Trevor) and exhausted from laughing so much(thanks to Sara the comedian). I can't wait to see Trevor and Sara again real soon!


Trevor and Sara said...

Stop it, Bethany! Yoou're making me blush. :)

babybuddhalover said...

Love you Sara!