Sunday, February 8, 2009

Toasting the bride with wine

I have been SO busy lately. That would be why my blogspot has become somewhat of a distant friend. I am always thinking of things to blog about, but I have been putting in 50 to 60 hour work weeks, while trying to maintain a regular gym schedule. I feel like I can no longer complain about my apartment because I really only sleep there!

I have also been traveling to Seattle a lot for a family visit with my Pa and this weekend I'm here for a very short visit to celebrate my good friend Rita's dwindling bachelorettehood. Two weeks from now she will be a married woman! My single lady friend list keeps shrinking!!! Aahhhh!

I try to keep my posts and pictures appropriate, but I'm afraid it is very apparent in a few of these pictures that I had one taste too many. I have to be honest though, I HAD SO MUCH FUN yesterday at Rita's party!  We went to about 5 different wineries in Woodinville, Wa, had a great Italian dinner and finished back at the house with presents and brownies- all with fantastic company! Here are a few pics-

Kelly, Jen and the bride-to-be Rita.This place had a great atmosphere. The chandeliers and marble counter tops made us all feel like we were on an elegant cooking show set. Great Wine too!
I'm so happy for Rita. We have been friends since our ResLife days at Washington State. I couldn't contain my happiness for her and had to give her a smooch. Did I mention that she will be getting married on the beaches of Cabo in Mexico?
This would be where our drinks started to add up and at our last stop we started doing yoga poses. Some of the girls were also excited because 'The Bachelor' was in the vicinity also tasting wine. I am referring to official Bachelor that is on the ABC show right now. I wasn't too excited to run to see him and opted to enjoy my wine tastes. Once I have a pic, I will post it though. I guess he is cutie.I had to include the pyramid picture. I was feeling good, but not good enough to climb atop the pyramid. Very funny to observe though!
Ahhhhh. The girls. Rita has three sisters (two of which are twins) that all kind of look like her. Can you see the resemblance?
We had dinner at Stella Mia's in Bothell. It was very good and I'm pretty sure I'm going to crave Creamy Basil tomato soup for the next 2 weeks. 
I didn't want to post pics of all of Rita's presents. This one was conservative enough (depending on the reader I guess). We had plenty of laughs and I think we all learned a few things too. HeHe...

The day was a blast and I couldn't be happier for my very special friend. Congrats Rita!!!

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