Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hangin' with Dad and the fam-

This is my father- Roger Chamberlin. I have been having so much fun just hanging out with Dad. Yesterday we all went to the local casino for a little bit of gambling and crab buffet. The big winner for the night was my Sis Angie. She was a Happy Camper.It seems like as we get older, we notice the physical similarities in our features. My Mom also came out with us last night and so we were able to evaluate eyes, cheeks, noses, etc. Dave and I have pointier noses, while my sister has the more Scandinavian rounded nose like my Mom. This profile shot above shows just how much of my Dad's nose I have. Crazy....
Mom and Carrie almost literally sharing a smile.
A picture of the boys.
A pic with the big winner for the night.
I took with pic without giving Megan and Christian any notice. Geez Auntie Beth--
This seriously is the cutest pic ever!! Those boys are SOOOOO cute! Mom and Dad are pretty great too!

Today I have to leave town, but get to eat pigs-n-a-blanket and watch the superbowl with the family before I leave.  I think I'm a pretty lucky girl.

Please come back again soon Dad! Maybe next weekend?

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