Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby J is on the way!

I drove down to Corvallis on Saturday for the first time in several months. It wasn't for school or work.... it was for my friend Beth's baby shower. First of all, this chick rocks! I can't tell you how many adventures we have embarked on together and I seriously think this baby will be born to two of the greatest people out there. Beth and Robin are pretty much the most organized couple I have ever met and I'm pretty sure this baby will always have what she needs, while experiencing all that is great in the world (I'm thinking lots of backpacking?).
Here is a pic of the glowing Mommy-to-be.This was a pic taken a few years back on one of our midnight hikes to our campsite. 
They are just too darn cute!
This would be a picture of Beth and I being silly on another camping trip.
Our first triathlon together!More cheesy fun on a tip to Mt. Bachelor.  I'm just sad we never rode our motorcycles together! She is definitely a bad-ass biker chick!
Long Story Short- These two are going to be amazing parents and I can hardly wait to meet their little girl. She will have the energy and smarts of a superstar and with the support and caring of Beth and Robin, the sky will be the limit! Congrats you two!! Can't wait to meet Baby J!


Beth J. said...

Bethany, thanks so much for coming to the shower! It was so much fun to see you, I really appreciate you driving yourself (and Baby) all the way down here, I feel so special! You really are a great friend, and I can't wait for you to meet little miss Baby J. Thanks for all the great pictures and sweet words... Love ya!

babybuddhalover said...

You rock Beth! Nothing but love for you guys!
Can't wait to meet your little girl!!!