Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wahtum lake

Wahtum lake is a very convenient and beautiful place to get away for some peaceful time in nature. You can park relatively close, and just hike in a half mile or so. It is also on the Pacific Crest Trail, so you have some nice day hike options. 
I got lucky and found a spot hidden away right on the water. It was perfect and exactly what I needed that weekend.

Baby and I had a nice day hike before it started pouring!

Cute little chipmunk taking in the view.
My campsite.
Curried Ginger Carrot soup I heated up for dinner.
My camp buddy.

Cooper Spur backpacking

As part of my recovery process and attempt to stay anxiety free, I made several trips out into nature this past summer. I had a great couple of days up on Cooper Spur on the East side of Mt. Hood. Baby and I had a blast as always!
Perfect time to see the wildflowers in bloom.
Our campsite with a view.
Freeze dried veggie dinners.
Yummy Yakisoba!
Sunset was AWESOME! Mt. St. Helens in the distance.

This was sunrise from my tent.

Baby and I enjoying a hike before heading back to the city. I love my Pumpkin!

camping with Mom

Mom and I decided to camp in Mt. Hood National Forest. After searching high and low for an available campsite, we finally found a cozy place off of Lolo Pass road.  We had a wonderful time!!!

Laurie joined us for foil packet dinners we prepared in the campfire coals. My packet is the veggie only one on the far right. Baby had her own meat only packet on the far left. Dinner was a success!

Mom tending to the fire.
Good times!
Baby wasn't too enthused with Mom stealing her spot in the tent. Hehehe...
We ended our weekend with a drive up to Timberline lodge. Fun times!!

Table Mountain Hike

Laurie and I hiked Table mountain in preparation for Yosemite, and also my Mt. St. Helens Climb. It was quite a hike and we had perfect weather! The only bad thing about this hike was that I had to carry Baby down a rock face because her old bones and joints couldn't handle it. Her technical hiking days are over. =(  Otherwise, this was a great day to hike in the Gorge!