Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial day getaway

Erica and I planned a ladies trip to the beach this year for Memorial Day. Our agenda included starting out the weekend with a long visit with two of our professors from OSU in Corvallis.  First, I had to include a picture of the rainbow veggie juice I drank before hitting the road:

Once we arrived in Corvallis, we went for a long hike with our professors and I was stunned at the beauty of the land in that area. I used to run this trail frequently, but took it for granted.

This is a view looking East towards Philomath. The air was so sweet.
Here's a pic of the four of us enjoying the scenery.
I have a sweet spot in my heart for this man. He purchased the most beautiful Tibetan singing bowl for my recovery. He is a good friend.
Aaahhhh...... the trees!

Rick and Carolyn took us out for a Cuban inspired dinner on the river and it was perfect! Erica and I had a nice visit in Corvallis and headed onto our next destination- Lincoln City!
This trip to the beach was much anticipated. It had been a very long time since I'd smelled the sea air or heard the crashing waves.  Baby was pretty happy too! I swear she looses 5 years when we go to the beach. My little pumpkin is getting older =-( .
Such good bestie time!
I have a waterproof camera that allows me to take some pretty rad pics.. These are a few...

My pumpkin and I!
So- we were a little nervous about finding good veggie options, but it turns out that Lincoln City had us covered! We found the coolest vegetarian/Nepali restaurant right on the main street. It was SO GOOD!!!
We had this view while we painted our toenails, relaxed after a dip in the pool/hottub/sauna, munched on fresh fruit and soy ice cream.... Holy cripes it was great.
We treated out outside body parts well, and this was our attempt to treat our inside body parts well: Wheat grass shots!
One last walk on the beach before heading back to the city.

We did manage to stop at the outlets and the casino on the drive home. I won $40 bucks! It was such a great trip and I have to admit that getting back into my work routine has been more difficult because the weekend was so wonderful. Oh well..... That's the way she goes.

I'm getting old!

I had a wonderful birthday this year. A few of my closest friends and I went out for dinner at a wonderful vegetarian joint. My recent gradual transition to a veggie only diet has been made easier by the inspiring vegetarian cuisine in PDX. I had spicy beet balls and spaghetti. They were amazing! It was a great night!

Here's a pic of the newly engaged Andy and Betty! Words can not express how happy I am for these two!!
Erica and Dave looking super cute!

Tammi and her new beau.

I have many photos of this man... this one is hands down my favorite.
Vegan Rubarb goodness for me!
After dinner we hit up the bowling alley. They played 80's music videos on big screens at the end of the lanes. It was so distracting, but fun!

I love this pic.
My entire birthday weekend was a blast. It included gardening, buying the coolest tent ever, and continuing on with my healthy eating. This dish included Brown Rice, Kale, Pea sprouts, veggies and tempeh. Yums!

It was a great bday this year. I had so much to celebrate!