Wednesday, July 1, 2009

family time

I'm short on time, but wanted to post pics of the fam before the holiday weekend. These are from the Birthday BBQ last Saturday at my sister's house. I can't believe how big Mathew is! I think he has a very promising football career in his future! He's a big boy! 
How cute are his little California surf shoes?
Will relaxing with Mom Angie and Grandma Julie. 
Mom and I watched a TLC show on Saturday morning (TLC is the one channel I miss with no cable!) and got a recipe off one of their domesticky shows. They were dried figs stuffed with either Blue cheese or a Creamy Chev, and then wrapped in prosciutto and baked until crispy. They were Delish!
Ahhh. Angie hasn't changed at all. I swear she looked just like this 15 years ago! Hot Momma!
Big boy walking....
Will about to throw a water balloon at me!
Love this photo-- Daddy and son.
Megan and I being posers.
Carrie and Grandma Junette.
I LOVE THIS PHOTO!  Megan and Will were horsing around and he just looks so entertained!

The BBQ was fun! I wish they lasted longer. I look forward to seeing the family again soon. Tomorrow Betty and I are headed to the stixx again after work! Stay tuned and Happy 4th of July!

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