Sunday, June 5, 2011

blah blah blah....

It was our first taste of summer weather this weekend and somehow my spirits feel very, blah-ish...

I did enjoy the weather this weekend. Yesterday I worked in the yard for several hours and then had a very long and wonderful scenic motorcycle ride in Mt. Hood Territory. I also visited with friends; got in some workouts for a triathlon later this month; made my way to the local farmers market for fresh veggies; and BBQ'd(twice!)

....but the reason why this weekend was blah is because I had to work on, and worry about catching up with my online teaching responsibilities. I can't really explain how this job effects my psyche, but it really does... in a bad way. I think because I love teaching in a classroom, and teaching online is completely different and it seems to be much more time consuming! It's like all the work and then some, without witnessing the instant gratification of facilitating growth in the mind of a student. It is also no fun when you are teaching with another instructors material. Next time I won't be taking on additional classes at the last minute for the $$$. It's not even hardly worth it!

Wow! I'm done with whinefest 2011. I have my eye on prize! All this work will be done a week from tomorrow. This will be a bit challenging though, because I'm traveling to Washington DC and to good ol' Delaware on Thursday for a week. My county job is sending me to a National Alzheimer's Conference and I'm also going to fit in some time with one of my dearest friends, Jessica! I can't wait to meet her little boy!

Really, I have very little to complain about! I have two jobs that pay my bills!

I'm too lazy and tired to write out descriptions of all the events that were fun this weekend. So, for a quick photo journal journal of this weekend, look here. My iphone makes it pretty easy to catalog events in my life with pictures. I had some pretty adorable kiddos for company this weekend.

This is enough for now. More later.

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