Friday, November 9, 2012

Saddle Mountain

These are pics of my first camping trip of the summer, to Saddle Mountain! I knew I needed to get out of town. It was my first trip after my surgery and I was a little nervous about whether or not I'd have the stamina. I felt something telling me that I really needed to get away and I felt supported by that intuition when I drove nearly 50 minutes through the Oregon coastal range and stopped to pick up a few things at small local store. I couldn't find my wallet. Turns out, I left it on my back bumper. It stayed there for my entire drive from Portland. Freaking Amazing. This trip was in the stars for me!

I got a chance to hike Saddle Mountain and also use my new Big Agnes Copper Spur tent. I'm such a lucky gal to have such cool gear!

I was surprised by how beautiful the terrain was around Saddle Mountain! Also loved that you could see the ocean from the top.
This is a species of succulent that is only found on Saddle Mountain. How cool is that! I had to fight the urge to follow the rules and NOT take a baby succulent home with me.

Stopped to lay on the beach before heading back to the city. The weather was unreal for this time of year! It was an unseasonably warm spring day at the beach! Great first trip of the summer.

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