Monday, October 12, 2009

Memaloose Lake with the ladies

Two weekends ago we had a ladies trip to the Stix. It was a blast, literally. It was the weekend before hunting season and we found ourselves passing tons of people who were out in the middle of nowhere shooting at targets. There was even a machine gun area. It was so loud and also worrisome to Betty and myself since we had chosen the trail head. Luckily, the noise from the rounds dissipated and we were able to enjoy ourselves.

We were ready to hit the trail!
While I was on my trip in Eastern Oregon, I brought back Blackberry Brandy for Betty. We all had a sip. It was delicious.
After hiking into the lake, we ditched our packs and kept climbing up to the top, South Fork Point I think it was called?? There were views of the three sisters,  Helens, Hood, Adams, Broken Top, it was beautiful and the weather was perfect.

Yoga poses.....
Yeah, I had a cramp after this little tricky poo.
Ann Rocks!
Mt. Hood in the summer. Can't wait to see some snow on that Mountain.

Dinner included a variety of mt. house dinners, crusty bread, gouda and wine, all around the campfire. 
The next day we hiked around the lake, sunned our selves on large rocks, and climbed trees.

I also forgot to mention the part where we were gathering fire wood and Betty, Desiree and Julie's dog were all stung several times by some very angry bees. It WAS NOT a highlight and really kind of scary. Luckily we had some benedryl for the poor dog and no one had an allergic reaction. 
Crazy mushrooms on the hike out.
It was a great trip with the ladies! 

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