Friday, October 23, 2009

Too Good To Be True....

I have been very careful with my pennies lately, but I have to admit that when one artist comes to town, I SEE HER. Thanks to Betty, I am infatuated with the music of Miss Brandi Carlile. She has the the most amazing voice and lyrical ballads. She is also from Ravensdale, which is quite close to where I grew up. 

Her most popular song is probably 'The Story'. She has the ability to blend rock, country, folk, indie, you name it, she can sing it. She also has two back up singers known as the twins (Phil and Tim), who make seeing this live act almost spiritual.  So we see her every time she comes to town. We're pretty diligent about picking up tickets when they go on sale because she usually sells out quickly in Portland. So I bought tickets back in July right when they went on sale at ticketmaster just like I always do.  
Well..... We had no idea that our seats were in the front row until we were escorted. Betty and I were speechless. Was this right? Front row in the Schnitz? Did he read our tickets wrong? Nope. We saw Brandi up close and seriously I knew it would be a once in a lifetime thing. Amazing really. 
If she comes to your town.... see her. You won't regret it! Thank you Clackamas Fred Meyer Ticketmaster!

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