Sunday, November 15, 2009

What in the sam hill is going on?

Why have I not been blogging regularly? It has been a very strange summer and fall season for me. My life has been filled with blogworthy events and thoughts(at least to me?), but I just have not had the discipline to write up anything! I know... if I'm using the word discipline to describe my experiences with blogging, maybe I should rethink this whole thing. But the truth is, I think everything I do consistently takes some amount of discipline. It also takes that, "I'm just going to post on this, I don't have time to make it perfect, I will just do the best I can". 

I have actually been thinking more about my blog and what it means to me from a philosophical standpoint. This sounds like a very strange thing to talk about, but I started my blog a few years ago when I was in a VERY bad place. I needed to prove to myself that my life was worthwhile and posting stuff gave me incentive to find new and fun things to do. I also started the blog because I wanted to become a better writer. I realize I have been in school for umpteen years, and that should make one more comfortable with their ability to write, but it didn't. In fact, it made me constantly compare, analyze and stress about a skill that there really wasn't time to nurture during grad school. There just wasn't time to become friends with my writing. There was time to become friends with scientific reporting and statistics. So, this blog has helped me to form a relationship with my creative writing side. 

So why have I stopped? I'm pretty sure the main reason is the lazy factor. Blogging is time consuming with no financial benefit and lately I have been trying to get my money stuff in order. The second reason is that I reached a place where I just didn't want to post to the world anymore. I post a lot of pictures on the page, and those pics pop up on google images a lot and whabammy... John in Florida, Jens in Norway, Ming in China, they can all be right there.... up in my business. I guess I just became overwhelmed by the accessibility of this information. For the most part, I think I'm over that- I think. The good news is that I do post with some discretion. I have had my few isolated events with posting about my humping neighbors, penis/vagina party, and a few comments here and there. That's the fun stuff to read anyways, right?

Well I think I'm ready for a comeback. I think I need a comeback. It is strange to say this, but posting on this blog also keeps me in check. I have been having so much fun this summer and fall, but haven't been accountable for a lot of my time. I have been looking back retrospectively and wondering why I haven't done more since I finished the last degree? So- back to the grind I go. 

Thanks to all of you who check this blog regularly, even after I dropped off the face of the earth. I'm going to get back at it.

Starting with this topic:       2012 the  movie.

Yep- I saw it last night. I wanted to see the special effects on the big screen and yes they were amazing! The movie was okay. It was of course very predictable, similar to the Deep Impact. I LOVE LOVE John Cusack, so that made the cheesy factor more bearable. If you are at all interested, I would suggest seeing it on the big screen. I was definitely hiding my eyes in anticipation throughout the movie. Strange how much I like that feeling of insecurity and blood-curdling fear!

Today is a 'to-do' list kind of day. I'm going to clean, launder, sell stuff on ebay, grocery shop, shower, apply for jobs, work on current projects, etc., etc., Et cetera. 

I'm in need of a VERY productive day. Finishing this posting is a great start too!
Happy Sunday All!

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