Saturday, November 21, 2009

and so it begins......

Yesterday I had my first trip to Mt. Hood and it was fantastic! So crazy to snowboard in tons of powder before Thanksgiving! I'm really hoping the snow keeps falling steadily for the next 4 months!
Here is a happy pic before hitting the slopes.
Baby and Moosedog hung out in the back of the truck for the day. Baby's face in this pic is hilarious because Moose is a big smelly dog and she was less than excited about how she spent her afternoon.

This was just before driving back to the city. We got some good runs it, but I'm sorry to say my body is not in snowboard shape! Time to get to it!

We went up again today, but had to turn around about 20  minutes from the mountain. The roads were so icy, accidents happening everywhere. The Mountain was also not open because they were on a 'wind standby'. You win some- you loose some I guess!

Now I'm packing and looking forward to a short work week before driving to Seattle to spend several days with the Fam and I AM EXCITED!!!!

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