Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This post is full of pictures and videos of the 'little ones' for family and friends living far far away from the Seattle area.

The first pic was taken while I was talking to my Dad on the phone on Thanksgiving. Wish he lived closer to the festivities so we could visit in person!

Father and son

Taking a family photo took us about 37 minutes! This was the best one!

My cheesy and very entertaining brother!!

Mother and daughter

The following are videos from our day. One is kind of long, but fun to watch because you can see how fast the kids are growing up.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Roger Chamberlin said...

What a fabulous blog - At first glimpse I thought the girl in the movie was Beth until I realized she was left-handed and then I knew and the boys are truly boys not babies any more. Thanks Beth...Dad

Roger Chamberlin said...

I have reviewed your blog many times. One of my favorite pics is the one of father and son - not who you might think but Darren and Christian. They look like father and son and you can tell how they are close. And mother and daughter is also very special. Carrie looks gorgeous and Megan looks like Beth - a real compliment I might add...Dad