Saturday, October 16, 2010

10-10-10 Portland Marathon

Right now I'm relaxing with coffee, on my couch and it is Saturday morning. It has been many months since I have been able to enjoy just sitting here. Saturday morning has been my 'long run' morning.

The marathon was last Sunday and I'm happy to report that I finished, which feels like a victory! I ran a lot of it, but did have to walk more than I have on my long runs due to a residual right patella injury from the 20 mile backpacking trip two weekends ago. ugh.... The weather was also monsoon-like and pretty chilly. The conditions were less than favorable, but I already forgot about how miserable I was because it is done! I talked to my Mom right afterwards and told her I was never doing that again! She told me she didn't believe that and that the marathon was probably like having a baby, hard at the time, but you wanna do it again. She was right. The next day I had already decided I wanted to sign up next year. We shall see if my enthusiasm for next years race lasts.

Thank you Betty for signing me up. It was definitely a fantastic experience!

Here is a pic at mile 14 on the St. Johns Bridge. Thankfully, the downpour stopped right around this time.


Beth said...

WOW!! Good for you, Chica!! Marathons are things most people can only dream of attempting! Seriously, nice work! Holy cow... I dream of one day maybe doing a half marathon, but can you believe I've never even done a 10k? Give me a few more months to grow this baby and then I'll be back on the road, running (relatively) strong. :)

babybuddhalover said...

Thanks Beth! you could totally do it. Seriously. Any person who is stubborn can do it!

It is good to hear from you. I'm sure you as busy as ever. I can't wait to see your family grow! When are you due again? YAY!!!