Thursday, December 2, 2010

Breefly in PDX for a visit

Bree and I have been friends since 1999. We met at Washington State University (Go Cougs!). Bree is a reslifer. She is an advocate. She is just an all-around awesome person.

She was in Portland for a conference in higher education. I was so happy to have her as a house guest. We had an opportunity to hang out, catch up and see some Portland night life. We also managed to spend some time at the floatclub before she left town.

Good times.

Bree hanging out in my house.

Silly Beth charging forward in the duck boat.

Betty giving kayaking a go.

This is the duckboat. It is this tiny boat that is supposedly good for sneaking up on Ducks. It is fun to pass by a 50' yacht in this little boat. The big-wig yacht folks love to laugh at this cozy little floating platform, adorned with a broken white plastic lawn chair. I love it.

a little bit of kayak fun....

One last pic before Bree drove back to Seattle. Thanks for the visit Bree! It was a ton of fun!

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