Saturday, December 11, 2010

busy day...

As always, I'm trying to stay on top of my blogging, but my life has just been too full of work, fun times and when I have time, sleep.

This is a day from early in November. It started out with Bill drilling a hole in my foundation. I'm so darn stubborn and really insist on having a full size washer/dryer in the basement. After renting a really big drill, Bill was nice enough to do the dirty work. I consider myself to be a fairly strong lady, but I couldn't even hold this thing up. It took at least 45 minutes of drilling and Mr. Bill persistently pushed on, while I was second guessing my decision to voluntarily make a hole in the foundation of my home. It worked out though and since drilling the whole, the plumbing has been updated and a wall has been framed. What did I do to deserve such skilled help?

Here are some pics from the ordeal...

I should also mention that after the hole was drilled, Bill voluntarily went into the crawl space to connect the dryer piping. THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE PEOPLE!!! The thought of all the creepy crawly things that were down there makes me cringe and cry at the same time.


After working on the house for hours, we had a pre Thanksgiving dinner at Desiree's house followed by kareoke in North Portland. Des is a cook for sure. She made a fantastic meal with all the fixins!

Had to include a dramatic cheesy photo.

It was a good day!

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