Friday, September 25, 2009

La Pine!

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to finally see more of Central Oregon, more specifically La Pine, Oregon. This little town is south of Bend, Oregon about 30 minutes. It is an outdoor wonderland, and in the winter it's close proximity to Mt. Bachelor makes it even more appealing to me!

Dave and I headed East on Friday evening, taking the time to stop at his friends winery. I had had Duck Pond Wine before and like it, so I was excited to see the property. 
And it was beautiful....
The grapes are just about ready for harvest, so we snacked a bit...
Baby explored and marked this pricey territory.

I had never been to La Pine before and was excited to see this area. The purpose of the trip was actually to take care of some housekeeping stuff with Dave's property there, but we did get away to the Paulina Peak area, which completely surprised me with it's beauty. This area is actually National Forest Land and we were able to access the peak by driving to the 8000' summit. The views were breath-taking!

I love this pic because it shows the lava flow in the background. Such a cool geographic area!
More of the lava flow.
a little bit of sillyness...

This is a view of the peak from the lake. From this view, Dave pointed out the chutes on Paulina Peak that are ideal for snowboarding. I guess they snowmobile all around this area, including up the side of mountains for fresh powder.  I hope hope I get a chance to hit those chutes! I can not wait for the snowy season to arrive! So long summer!
This is Baby's new friend, Moosedog. I was proud of Baby on this trip. She rode from Portland to La Pine and back to Portland in the back of the truck. Her princess qualities have always kept her from enduring the wind. I think snuggling with Moosedog helped a little bit. 

Great trip!

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