Thursday, September 10, 2009


A friend had told me that I would like Joseph, but I had no idea that I would not want to leave this cute, quaint little town nestled next a draw dropping mountain range. I often daydream about where my vacation homes will be and honestly, in one single weekend, this little town just might top my list now. I loved it. 

When I arrived in town, I was greeted by several hundred bikers. It was kind of bittersweet. The motorcycles were loud and disruptive. But there was also another part of me that wanted nothing more than to have my moto there. Maybe next summer...

I ended up staying in the Joseph area for 5 days and 4 nights. I really had now concrete plans for the entire trip, so when I arrived and found the town to be completely packed with bikers, I was very lucky to get on of the last campsites at the HUGE Wallowa lake campground. This was not enjoyable for me. It was nice to have a luke warm shower (I was pretty stinky...), but the crying babies, and the fifth wheel with that was about 30 feet from my tent had a flat screen with the nascar races blaring until about 10:30. Really?? TV while you are camping? It wasn't really my scene. So that was all it took to convince me to hike up into the Eagle Cap wilderness the following evening for a night of solitude. That little escape to Aneroid Lake was so amazing I will blog about it after I finish with Joseph. 

After returning from Aneroid Lake, I decided to float on the lake for a few days. I was heading into town one evening and couldn't believe my eyes. I drove right past my professor on his bicycle. Rick was actually the chair of the committee for my Doctoral degree. I pulled over and ended up having a home cooked meal in their cabin. Such a small world!

Wallowa lake is also the burial site for Chief Joseph. The presence of the Nez Perce tribe is definitely present in the town of Joseph. Almost Magical.

Next- Aneroid Lake!


Heather said...

Joseph, OR, is a town of many festivals and you happened to show up right in the middle of the 3rd annual Bronze Bike Rally. Not everyone's cup of tea, but there are plenty of weekends when we don't have festivals here.

I was hoping to read your follow on post about Aneriod Lake--will have to come back and visit another day.

Thanks for the comments and the wonderful shots of the lake and the "big guys" who hang around at the head of the lake. They're very becoming in velvet, don't you think?
--Heather at the Bronze Antler B&B

mzzlee said...

just beautiful!....NYC-me shall visit enjoy the fresh air...the smiles...the joy...THANKS!
--mzzlee in NYC