Monday, August 31, 2009

Strawberry Mts. and the Blue Mts.

I left Burns and headed North towards John Day. John Day was a cute little town and I wish I could have spent more time there. I did manage to get to the Strawberry Lake Trailhead for a quick day hike. It was about 600' elevation gain and 4 miles round trip. It was a very pleasant  hike and the lake was amazing! 
I wish I could have spent more time there!
The trail was full of beautiful butterflies. 
I finished my day hike and headed towards Baker City. This part of Eastern Oregon is full of Lewis and Clark stuff. We had to pull over and have a picture of Baby in the covered wagon.

From Baker City, we headed to Anthony Lake in the Blue Mts., more specifically the Elkhorn ridge area. I camped there for two days. The campground was actually super quiet and secluded. 
After a good nights rest, I went on a hike to Angel Pass and Dutch Flat Lake. This area was stunning and it is on my list of places to absolutely go back to soon! 
This is a picture of lilypad lake at the start of the hike with Gunshot Mt. in the background.
Nearly halfway into the 8 mile hike, I was lucky enough to run into another hiker who snapped this photo.
Baby was catching a quick doggy nap while I was taking this photo.
It was pretty rocky.
This picture was from Angel Pass. I think it was at 7500'?
After hiking all day, I relaxed with some fishing at Anthony Lake. Sadly, people were only catching 8" to 9", so I opted to only fish for a little while.

After two fantastic days there, I headed back to Baker City. I had only planned to pick up gas, water and food, but when I saw the car show I had to stop.  
There must have been well over 100 cars there. All the classics and then some interesting vehicles. The pic above is of a pretty nice golf cart!
This was my absolute favorite car there. Love the old Broncos!
From there I headed East. I stopped at the Lewis and Clark interpretive center. I had the dog in the car so my trip was short... very short. I managed to snap a shot of a bison, do a quick walk through, and use the ladies room.
This was a picture from the outside area. The settlers literally entered the valley on these very grounds. It is amazing to think what they went through to settle out West.... A very hard life to say the least.
I left this area and took the long scenic route to Joseph. We stopped at a Hells Canyon Lookout on the way. I just kept going to these amazingly beautiful places. 

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