Monday, August 31, 2009

Eastern Oregon trip starting in Burns

I had a great trip! I spent 8 days in Eastern Oregon and it was fantastic. I took a ton of pictures and I'm going to have a few different posts because I couldn't narrow my photos down to one post! 

My trip took me from Portland over Mt. Hood, through Madras, then through Prineville and then to Burns. After staying in Burns for a few days with good friends I moved onto the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness, then John Day Wilderness in the Blue Mountains and then Up to Joseph. Once I made it to Joseph, I backpacked in the Eagle Cap Wilderness and then spent some time in Hell's Canyon. Then finally home to Portland through the Gorge. I was exhausted when I got home! I camped in campgrounds, slept in my car, backpacked to an alpine lake and stayed with a new friend in Imnaha. I'm still euphoric from all the wonderful things that happened. 

I'm starting with pictures from Burns. I went there to see my good friends Temoya and Bryan. They used to live next to me and they moved there for Bryan's job. Burns maybe wasn't the most astetically pleasing destination on my trip, but the company was fantastic!
I took this photo with my new cell phone in a Prineville diner. 
I kind of planned my trip along the way. Bryan and Temoya helped me narrow down where to go.
They also took Baby and I to the Malheur Nature Preserve where we saw various types of birds. We also went to a pictograph site to see ancient drawings.  It was very cool! 
Mostly we just caught up and hung out in their huge 70's inspired rental with a beautiful screened porch. Their place had a very small town feel to it and it was just what I needed to get into 'vacation mode'.
I LOVE Stack and so does Baby. Stack and I used to cuddle when he lived in PDX. He slept with me both nights and I loved it! 
Burns at dusk... It was a great couple of days! Thanks T and B for your hospitality and the great company. I miss you guys and look forward to seeing you this weekend!

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