Saturday, August 29, 2009

Danskin #4

The Danskin Triathlon went off without a hitch this year. Not much to say except my Mom is my biggest supporter, wearing a wig is an effective distraction, and I love the post race celebration! 

Mom and I at the pre-race sign-in. It is a big deal! I guess they added people this year, bringing the grand total to 5500 woman who completed the tri this year!
Laurie (on the far left) is my friend that did it with me last year. In very typical Danskin fashion, she invited two new ladies to compete this year. It is infectious!

I know... this picture is very strange.... That is my wig and that is creepy bear. It is for another project/blog I'm working on with friends. I will post a link for that later.
The Marinan ladies-

Four years ago, Rita and Beth joined me for our first year in this race. Beth just had miss Lauren and Rita has one on the way. Rita has a ton of sisters and this year her oldest sis (#3120)  completed her first race... Yay Jesse!!!
MMmmmmm.... Laurie and her bloody mary at the Irish pub on Alki.
We all enjoyed good food and drink after the race and can I just say this particular group of ladies was a hoot to hang out with??  So much fun! Until next year----

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