Monday, August 10, 2009

The South Sister

Yay! Last weekend Betty and I checked another goal off our summer list! We hiked the South Sister.  This Mountain is the third tallest in the state of Oregon at 10,363 feet. We started our climb from the trailhead at about 5,000 feet. It was 6 miles up and 6 miles down. It was definitely a workout and when all was said and done, we both felt a great sense of accomplishment. 

We started our adventure on Friday night. We tackled traffic and finally 4 hours later we arrived in the trailhead parking lot where we slept in Betty's very spacious Subaru. 
We woke up at about 6am and got ourselves organized. I was working hard to happily wake myself up for the hike. Actually, I had a lot of natural adrenaline and super excited to huff and puff.
After hiking through the trees for an hour or so, we made it to the open meadow and this was what we saw. It was a big mountain!Many people hike in with their gear and camp at this lake, but we didn't have the time this weekend. That mountain in the background is called Broken top. I was a fan of that jagged peak!
The nice path through the meadows turned into a rocky, boulder filled hike. After a few more hours, we finally reached about 9,000 feet and many people call it a day at this point. We caught our breath, ate a ton, and gave our legs a much needed rest. Betty and I were too stubborn and we marched on, up the scree filled unstable path. We both brought our Ipods so we could zone out to good music. It helped a lot.
Before heading to the summit, I had to take a picture of this well prepared woman. She made sure she had enough TP.... too funny!
Once we were on top of this mountain, there was so much to see. The top was actually a crater filled with a large snow field and a lake. We hiked around the ridge to get the best views.Betty near the edge with Mt. Bachelor in the background.Another awesome cliff picture.I was really excited to be up there and didn't want to leave.
This is a picture of the highest body of water in Oregon. It is called tear drop pool and tons of people were jumping in. It wasn't my day to jump. I wasn't even wearing matching underwear!Flowers above 10,000 feet!This picture was taken right after we started our descent. It was bittersweet. The color of this water was stunning.
I couldn't get enough of this view on the way down!
Oh my... Betty and I of course had to get a little silly. It could have been the altitude, or not.
Yoga anyone?
As we were walking back to the car, we kept looking back with sheer pride. It was such a great day!
And the best part was taking off my boots! 

Awesome experience!

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