Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It definitely felt like labor day weekend! I got sooooo much work done! I'm exhausted, but completely satisfied. I did a little bit of everything today and this weekend. I got some major errands accomplished, attended a bday party, mowed my lawn, ran/walk 16 miles(what was I thinking signing up for the pdx marathon?), primed my kitchen cabinets, primed half the walls in the basement, vacuumed and swept the entire house, enjoyed a few beverages with my neighbors, dusted(I never dust!), cleaned the kitchen, got my home office space almost organized, harvested fruits and veggies and made meals with them, cleaned the litter box 3 times(who knew having 2 cats would be so crappy?), laundry of course and I worked on my room. I love a clean bedroom. I went to Ikea and picked up some tealights, and a few little decorative things that have turned my room into my own little paradise. I'm ready to climb into my clean sheets and sleep hard before waking up to reality tomorrow. Isn't it crazy how a clean house makes going back to work a little bit easier? It was a good weekend-

I tried to capture the awesomeness of my clean room, but I need a wide angle lens. Good night all!

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