Friday, September 17, 2010

technical difficulties

You know when you lose something, but you know you shouldn't have, and if you just looked in that one place where you put the item you are looking for, all your problems will be solved??? The last week, the computer cable to my Mom's little camera has been this item. I have been carrying around this little camera for the last week and wanted to download pics, but couldn't.... I was, instead, reminded that I have memory issues and it is a good thing that I'm dedicating my career to helping other people who 'can't remember'..... SO FRUSTRATING I tell you!

Even though I only wanted a few pictures, I found a solution for my picture debacle. I remembered that at my county job we have memory card slots. I was able to access the photos that way and now I can table my memory anxiety for a while.

I have snapshots from a few random events. What I should say is that last weekend was pretty awesome! It started out on friday with amazing electrical updates to my basement (great but pricey!), a relaxing Friday night, 19 miles on Saturday morning, afternoon chiro visit, power nap, Ray LaMontagne/David Gray @ Edgefield(IheartRAY), and bbq with friends on Sunday. My photos are pretty random, but fun.

I was playing with the settings on my Mom's camera and found these roses. This picture reminds me of the 'purinto kurabu', which is the Japanese translation for 'print club'. When I lived there, holy cow 12 years ago, all my Japanese friends were obsessed with these picture stickers. Naturally I became obsessed too. It was fun!

Last Friday night, Erica and I had a last minute trip to Ikea and Target. The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was in the Target parking lot.


Now to the highlight of the entire weekend. Betty and I bought tickets ages ago to see Ray LaMontagne and David Gray. First off, let me explain that I love, no, I'm in love with Ray LaMontagne. His voice is like a good massage, or the sleep you get after the first alarm beeps in the morning, or your Mom's favorite dish.... He is good stuff, and in person he is even better. The entire time I was listening to him, I was thinking "I will never miss a performance that is within driving distance". I think he just bumped up there right next to Brandi Carlile. This will be costly, but oh-so-worth-it!

Betty Loves David, so this was a perfect concert for us both!

These are actually pics from an Oregon State Rally downtown today.

At lunch I walked over to the square with my friend Jesse. He was wearing his University of Oregon stuff and submerged himself into the sea of orange... It was fun to be around University stuff, but I was definitely missing my Cougs.

Here is a pic of Coach Riley. The very day I moved to Corvallis, I was at a restaurant after a long day of moving and he walked by me and made a nice comment about my hat or a shirt or something I was wearing(bad memory again...). My friend Jamie was with me and he is a big college football fan. He hit me on the shoulder and said that Mike Riley just talked to me! I had no idea who that was at the time, but was excited after hearing that he was the big wig football coach! So Mike and I are like best friends, although he didn't recognize me today. I think it's because I was wearing a dress?

TGIF. I'm looking forward to a relaxing evening and hoping to get 20 miles done tomorrow morning. I have had a sinusy headache for the last couple of days, and hoping that the massage I scheduled for tomorrow afternoon will entice tomorrow morning. It's also going to rain tomorrow, so I will have a lot working against me. I'm hoping that my stubbornness will get me through tomorrow.

Cheers to the weekend!

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