Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Crabbing turned stormy beach weekend

About a month ago, I had plans to crab with Bill. For those of you who are reading from afar, Bill is my boyfriend. I won't go into details about how cool he is in this post (I wouldn't want to embarrass him too much), but I will list a few things that contribute to every second of fun we share when we're together. 1) He is brilliant, 2) He loves all things outdoors 3) He's hilarious, 4) He plays amazing music, 5) He's an artsy photog, 6) He loves to travel- everywhere 7) He loves the snow and 8) He has an insatiable appetite for life. I think we will have lots of fun together!

Back to the crabbing weekend. We had reserved a boat and tried to crab in Netarts Bay, when Mother Nature decided that it was time for a huge storm to hit the Oregon Coast. Instead, we enjoyed all the cozy comforts and had a great weekend in Pacific City. Geez I wish I had a piece of land in that little city. I Love IT!

We slowly made our way back to the city, stopping to enjoy Tillamook Ice cream, rustic photo sessions and local art galleries. Not sure it could have been better.

We are not done with the crabbing. A boat has since been purchased and we WILL get back out there so I can make my crab bisque. yum!

A few pics from our lazy weekend...

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