Monday, April 18, 2011

goodbye dairy..... and salt..... and taste....

Well... What can I say? Recently my life has pretty much been about two things; getting my work done and taking care of my body, and I guess trying to keep my sanity, so I guess that's 3 things. I continue to struggle with a couple of health issues that are causing me to examine every aspect of my lifestyle. While the dizziness is slowly getting better, it is still there and making me cranky, mostly because I haven't done much of anything really active for months and it has caused me to engage in a few head games. Poor Bill. I think things will continue to improve and I will feel back to my normal self soon.

I was kind of discouraged with the pills..... pills... pills.... my doctor was giving me, so I went to see a naturopath (Thank you Alix!) and honestly, wearing wet socks to bed has been more effective in drying out my sinuses and head then a Hyroclorathiazide.... I'm a believer and using this whole experience to find a healthier balance in my life.

For some weird reason, I've conditioned myself to believe that I need to be operating at about 99.8% of my potential productivity level at all times?? What the H? No wonder my body is screaming! The thing is, it's hard slow down because going-going-going all the time has been my lifestyle since high school. The good thing about feeling like crap is that it has helped me learn to just lay down and give up. When walking is hard, you just don't have much choice. I've actually had another unexpected result of all this. I have had to still got to the office and experience the dizziness at work. When it is really bad I slow down and put my head in my hands, but I don't always have time for that. So... I got into the habit of telling myself that I had 'had a few' if you know what I mean, so that I could just try and cope while at work. Wouldn't you know, the thought of drinking is now repulsive to me? I can't help but wonder about if I am creeping up on something really useful for people who have addiction issues? I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but interesting nonetheless.

Life is funny really. There is always something new to learn and I'm thinking this has happened because I really do need to slow down. I'm starting to realize just how precious my only body is. It has taken me 32 years to figure this out, but better late than never, right?

One good thing: taking pics with cool apps on my iphone is a nice way to focus on something artsy for a few minutes here and there. The photos are conveniently downloaded to my flickr page

Here are a few of my favs-

My Braya

桜, or Sakura no hana, or cherry blossom trees

old growth from Oxbow

sunbeam on my sunshine

bridge city

Mr. McLoughlin in all his glory

Taking pictures makes me happy.

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