Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deschutes River

Bill and I finally got out of town. I have been feeling better and it has been a relief. I did have one bad morning, but compared to a month ago, I feel like a superstar! So... finally, we had a chance to get out of dodge and we chose to do some fly fishing at the Deschutes River. Apparently, people fly from all over the country and even the world to fish this river. We drove East on Friday night and managed to get there early enough to enjoy the stars before passing out. Saturday was the best weather day of the year and we spent 10 hours on the river. Things that we did not anticipate happening:
  • Sunburn shoulders
  • Bethany catching her first fish on a fly rod!
  • Bill almost stepping on a rattlesnake
  • Beth picking 75+ ticks off her doggy
  • Beth freaking out about the ticks on her dog and cutting really unattractive patches of hair off her dogs body. She now looks like she has been attacked by a lawnmower.
  • Oh... and Beth also picked a tick out of her own hair. Ewww...... and Gross...... and Ewww one more time.
Here are a few pics from amazing moments that transpired over the weekend:
Deschutes River sunflowers
This is a pic of the sun and bill casting. I used a photo filter called apollo, which seems to have made the day sky look like a night sky. I love the way this photo turned out.
I was messing around with making this photo looked aged. Unfortunately I think it made my face looked aged too =(.
Billy having fun.
A native red side trout. I didn't catch this one. I just caught a little steelhead smolt.
This is the pup who lived in downtown Maupin. He really wanted to be Baby's friend.

On Sunday, Bill got a little bit more river time, while I worked on school stuff (argh!). On our way out of town, we stopped at an amazing fly shop, the Deschutes Angler. It was Easter Sunday, so we had the owner all to ourselves and she pretty much gave us a private hour of tutoring on fly fishing. She is a private guide and has taken many famous people fly fishing. She is a wonderful teacher and so passionate about her sport. I found her words to be very useful and encouraging.

On the way home, we drove North to the Dalles and came home in the gorge. Oregon is so beautiful. I feel really lucky to live here. I'm also happy to be feeling like myself again. Hoping to continue on with my low salt and no dairy diet, which seem to be working. Anything to keep the dizzies away!

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