Monday, May 2, 2011

Around town

We stayed in town this past weekend. I haven't been dizzy since last Sunday and finally enjoying my days without worrying if I'll feel crappy. Feeling well is a blessing!

Even though we stayed in PDX this past weekend, we were busy. Here's what we did:
  • Kayak beginner clinics (for me mostly).
  • Tried out several demo kayaks. I found one I like, now I just need to sell my car to buy it.
  • Mowed the lawn, cut back several trees on back of the property
  • laundry, vacuuming, dishes... yuck.
  • beers and campfire with new awesome neighbor friends.
  • Steelhead/Chinook fishing on the Willamette (unfortunately, we didn't catch a big one)
  • I saw a HUGE Sturgeon jump out of the water and it was awesome!
  • Saw tons of wildlife on the river, mostly large birds.
  • soaked up some sun and worked on my freckle-to-face ratio.
  • worked on the motorcycle and took a scenic ride with Billy.
  • BBQ'ed turkey burgers on the back deck for Sunday supper.
  • Officially welcomed summer!
Kayaking at Vancouver Lake.
Bill, the paddle boarder. He was more interested in the $4,000 Kayaks, but I enjoyed my stand up time on the water..
A picture of Joe (Bill's friend and co-owner of the fishing boat). We had to stop for a potty break on Elk Rock in Milwaukie. Yep, that beautiful cove is about 5 minutes from my house!

Looking forward to more sunny days after a long and rainy winter.

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