Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Almost a white Christmas

On Christmas day at about 1pm it started snowing heavily in Federal Way, Washington. At first I wasn't terribly excited since I have been frequenting environments with several feet of snow on a weekly basis. Then I realized that it was Christmas Day and it wasn't stopping! It started to stick and at that point it was clear what needed to happen-- I had to take the dog for a walk! So I hurriedly put on my winter coat (atop my pajama bottoms, how cold could it be?), put on Baby's special winter reflective jacket and we were off to the Weyerhauser nature trail, just like the good ol' days.

The snow was wet, but it felt good. We walked for about 20 minutes until the snow tapered off. It wasn't exactly like the Christmas storm of 1990 (woke up to 2+ feet on Christmas morning), but it was enough to make me smile. Baby seemed to enjoy it too once she got over the fact that her petite little paws were going to be cold and wet. She loves to chase those birds!

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