Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting into the Christmas spirit.....

So-- I wasn't too excited about the seasonal festivities until I hit the toy aisle. Buying presents for my little family members has been an absolute blast this year. Unfortunately Christian is too big to buy toys for, so he has graduated the the boring, but cool, quintessential, adolescent guy, black hoody. I found a 'paint yourself' birdhouse for Will that I think his Mom might enjoy doing with him; a multi-colored, vibrating, a-b-c singing plush pup for the newest and smallest addition, Mathew; and the coolest present EVER for Megan! If found a bargain of a deal on the Adventure Girlz Deluxe Sleepover Tent that comes equipped with a built in sleeping bag and foot pump blow-up air mattress. This fantastic creation can be used both outside and inside for the 'fort' feel. Why didn't they make these things when I was a little girl? LOVE IT! Oh yes, and everyone gets a book too! Happy Holidays Little Ones!!!

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