Sunday, December 23, 2007

my saturdays.....

My life is good....

I have been spending every Saturday at Mt. Hood and have consistently been boarding in at least 3 to 6 inches of fresh powder! My luck has been amazing- and my weekly trips have really made this winter enjoyable. The good news.... once January 7th arrives, I will have two free weekdays to head to the mountain. Again, My life is good.

The picture below is a snapshot of a trail that opens up to a bit of a lip or a small cliff. I LOVED launching off this lip and catching what felt like stories of air, but in reality was likely much less than that... but it felt great!!

Heather and myself in all our cheesy glory. I think we are related--

Did I mention that we got a flat tire in Sandy and still managed to get to the mt? Yeah... we're hardcore. Well, I'm leaving out the part where we got the flat tire in front of a Ford dealership. Lucky or Good Karma? don't know, just happy to have hit the slopes.

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