Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dinner and a movie

I arrived in Seattle at 2pm on Christmas Eve and spent a few hours running errands and taking care of non-Christmas-like business. After taking some stuff to the goodwill and purchasing some craigslist snowboard boots, I went shopping for X-mas Eve dinner makings. About a month ago, I stayed in the swedish stuga (see earlier post) and a new friend was nice enough to share her tasty soup recipe. Basically the soup has sauteed garlic and onions, Leeks, Low-sodium fat-free chicken broth, turkey bratwurst, cheese tortellini and fresh Kale. Along with fresh crusty bread and a hard cider, this cozy soup made Christmas Eve extra special!

Mom and I had a warm dinner and then managed to find one of the few open movie theatres in the area. After we exchanged gifts, we went to see "I am Legend". It was definitely a thrilling movie. There was a wilsonesque quality to Will Smith's desperately lonely character; herds of animals running through the empty streets of NYC; a great dog and man story; and a lot of those moments when you unexpectedly get the $%&*# scared out of you. It was great! Then home to bed to wait for Santa.

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