Sunday, August 24, 2008

Listened to my boyfriend on Friday night....

Whoops, I meant listened to Jack Johnson......

Jadee bought tickets months ago and we finally got to see Jack play live at the amazing gorge in George, Washington. We met in Vantage on Friday afternoon and set up camp on the river before driving 12 miles to the amphitheater. I'm not usually a fan of big crowds, but it was absolutely worth it! We ran into fellow Cougs all night and it felt great to be back in the Washington boonies.

Once at the gorge, we had A LOT of time to kill. We did some serious people watching (ask me about the lady in the red bikini later) and we took several digital pictures- most of which were erased- thank god!Just a bit of information about my man Jack:
  • 33 years of age

  • he has a one year old cutie

  • is married to his long-time sweetheart

  • born and raised in Hawaii

  • has been professional surfer (see pic below)

  • and shares a birthday with yours truly (5/18)

  • 'stud muffin' as my Dad would say
If you haven't been to the Gorge for a concert, put it on your 'bucket list'. The amphitheater is the perfect place to watch the sunset, relax on the cool grass, watch the night stars glow, all while listening to great music. I do recommend eating and drinking before the show though. A domestic beer is $11.50 (yikes!).Jadee in one of the many lines.....
The sunset was preeetttty nice!
Jack was great. I can't wait to see him again!

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Beth J. said...

YES!!! The Gorge rocks... I have to say that it's one of my favorite places of all time to enjoy a concert. I'll be there on Sunday for Dave, and I think it's going to be my 8th year straight. Freaking long ass drive, but, totally worth it!! Glad you had fun with Jack, he'd be awesome to see there...