Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time to celebrate!

This past weekend I headed to Seattle for a wonderful family gathering in my honor. My Mom, Sister and Sister-in-law planned, prepared and hosted a barbecue in celebration of my newly acquired degree. We had my favorite.... Turkey Burgers! My sister also made her stellar potato salad and my Mom made strawberry spinach salad and of course my favorite broccoli slaw. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! This gathering also gave us all a chance to see how big my nephew Mathew is getting. He is so cute and still to young to turn his head away from the 326 kisses I gave him. I love that Baby!
Bree and Steph came down from Ballard and I'm so glad they did. I have known these girls for over 8 years and they are the best. and I'm not even saying that because they gave me a gift card for REI. Thank you Ladies!
My Grandma Junette also came and got her fill of Mathew lap time. She is 90 years old, but doesn't look it!
Will, Mathew's older brother, enjoyed his hamburger. He is a busy guy and spent the entire afternoon running circles around us all.
My Sister Carrie and My Sister-in-law Angie were giggling over the photos we were taking. They both look great and I am thankful to them for the effort they put into this get together. Oh, and the invitations were lovingly prepared by my Sister. She's got skills! Mathew and I with the yummy Congratulations cake. I didn't know this, but I was sharing my cake and ice cream with him and it was his first big people food. He loved it!
How cute is my Mom? Jadee and My niece Megan in the kitchen.
After we were all sufficiently full, we headed out front for some ATV fun. With my skirt on, I gave my brother's ATV a test ride up the street..... it rocked! Will also showed the entire crew how he can spin out on his little guy ATV. He knows he is badass. You can see it in his face. My brother gleams with pride when this kid rides around.I have to post a picture of my ever maturing Nephew Christian. He is now WAY taller than I am and I'm adjusting. He was the first little one in the family and was born when I was in the 9th grade. Now he is close to driving legally.... I love this guy..... Jadee brought her friend Zack who fit right in with the Fam. This cute, outdoorsy guy has great international travel stories and works as an interpreter. He picked up Russian during travels. Holy Cow!
Bree looking good with the baby!!! Good practice I say!

After the family barbecue, a few of us kept the party going by spending some time in downtown Seattle. Old friends from WAZZU, Jamie and Andy drove up from Tacoma and we had a blast hitting all those cool little bars around Pike Place Market. It was great. Although I have to say that after living in Portland, Seattle felt large. The parking was a pain and everyone was dressed to the Nines.This particular Saturday was wonderful and I owe it to my family and friends for being so supportive. Thank you for all that you have done (including those of you who weren't present on Sat) to help me get to where I am today. Couldn't have done it without you.


Daphne said...

Yay, Beth! You totally rock! Sounds like so much fun.

Jamie said...

I am so blessed, I can't believe I got to see you twice in 3 weeks! I didn't even see you twice in the last 3 years! Yeah, us! Luvs ya, hope you had a safe trip back to PDX.