Wednesday, April 22, 2009

apartment life

Please be forewarned.... this posting is not G-rated. I don't usually blog about such vulgar topics, but I'm REALLY annoyed.

I have lived in my little studio apartment for almost two years. It has served it's purpose and now I'm ready to move out. In fact I have been over living in all four-hundred and eighty-four square feet for over a year now. 

About one month ago, my living situation got much worse. I have had three different upstairs neighbors and they have all been pretty quiet with a few exceptions. The most recent neighbors have had one weeknight party, but I can deal with that. What I can not deal with is their daily fornication sessions. I hate to put it bluntly, but there is no other way to say that these people have sex for 3 hours a day!! Two hours every night (usually from 9 - 11pm) and again for an hour in the morning (strangely always starting at 6:38am). Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for people with healthy sexual appetites, but this whole situation is just too close to home. The walls in this apartment are not thick, so I hear everything.... and I mean everything! I now wear ear plugs, which are great unless I'm trying to watch television or hear the alarm in the morning. The worst part.... brace yourselves..... their physical activity actually shakes my apartment. I just lay here on the bed shaking 'with' them. GROSS!!! My cat and dog join me on the bed, but usually spend several minutes staring at the ceiling. 

So what have I done about it? I'm not much for confrontation, and it is especially worse when it pertains to someone else's sex life. I did however mention it to the apartment gal when she asked why I was thinking of 'not' renewing my lease.  She then asked me if there were two people living in the apartment and that was when I said, "well yeah.. they have sex everyday for 3 hours". I guess only one person is allowed to live in the studio, so I inadvertently tattled, which I am not a fan of. But then I have to tell myself that they are having screaming, rip-roaring, sex ALL THE TIME and they have to know they are loud and living in a building with shared walls.  

I'm pretty sure they were given a letter or a phone call regarding the 'situation'. This evening as I was leaving to hang out with friends, they were sitting in their car in front of my door staring at me. It was awkward. They looked like they were angry about something and the fact that they continued to stare at me as I walked away with the dog made me think they knew I was the one that spilled the beans. So I went about my business. 

I came home this evening. All was quiet and I was excited to fall right asleep. Logged on to check my email and before I could log off, the noises and shaking started. I don't think they were going at it before I got home, but they are right now and have been for about 47 minutes... screaming and all. I'M SO OVER IT!

Okay... Not sure if I needed to share this story, but it is an annoyance that is not going away. 

Oh how I want a full-time job so I can buy a house and be free from others 'activities'!
Oh and one more thing... she is totally faking it.

Time for bed. Ear plugs in.
Peace out. 


Trevor and Sara said...

OMG Bethany. I am so sorry. Your post, however, made me laugh out loud. You need to move. I will come help you.

Miss D. said...

Oh my god Beth, you are cracking me up. But I have been there (bed shaking and all) and I know it's terrible!! The only solution with people like that is to move! We had a neighbor from hell and five years later we are still traumatized from it. I'm so sorry!

(I recommend shoving some 'tantra' information under the door, hopefully with a paragraph mentioning "silent communication" circled!!)

(also funny: my word verification this time is "mizery")

babybuddhalover said...

Daphne! The Tantra suggestion is the best yet! I am going to move though. I think I needed a shove to get off my lazy butt and move anyways.

It is funny how many people have lived this same experience! At first it kind of funny, but I really have been traumatized by it all. All I can think is, "if I move will I have the same problem?"..... I'm going to start envisioning my cute little PDX cottage so that it will find it's way to me soon! Thanks for the comment!!