Friday, April 17, 2009

The Bone and I

I had my picture with Coach Bone... Yes, his name is really Coach Bone!
I was supposed to have my picture with Coach Bennett....the extremely attractive man pictured above! Unfortunately for the Cougs, Mr. Bennett fled to Virginia, where he will be making ridiculous amounts of money. Our loss. Although I can say after meeting Coach Bone, he is a stand up guy who knows that he has big shoes to fill. He'll be leaving Portland State for the Palouse. He said he was excited, but that his teenage daughters were less than enthused. 

I found out about this Cougar social because my Wazzu-crazed father emailed me with the details. Thanks Dad!

We had super-discounted Blazer tickets to see the a cougar basketball alum, Mr. Kyle Weaver play for Oklahoma. The irony from this evening was overwhelming. I went to see Bennett. He left and so I rubbed shoulders with Coach Bone. Coach Bone is a local B-Ball Coach moving to Pullman. Kyle Weaver was the motivation for the entire event, because Bennett originally was going to see him play. Kyle also plays for a team that once called Seattle home. RIP Sonics..... And to top it all off, this was the second to last game of the Blazers season and they are playing better than ever!! They won last night (their last game) and are entering the playoffs with a 4th place seed into the tourney! WOO HOO! 
Karen and I go way back! Kentwood High school chums, Regents Hall Staff, Portland chums and now she even lives in the same house I used to!  Nuts eh?
This is her friend Jamie and I'm sure it is hard to believe that these two long-time friends are like brother and sister!

Thanks K and J for a fun night! Go Blazers! and of course GO COUGS!!!!

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