Thursday, August 5, 2010

basement remodel time!

Finally! My basement is starting to look better! I have an amazing neighbor who is doing amazing work for crazy cheap! Now I just need to figure out what my electric priorities are and move onto the kitchen. Then paint, floors and I will be oh so close! I have been especially motivated to get the basement done and completed so I can get some extra cash money for my mortgage. I will post final pics when she is ready to rent out! Super excited I am!

I have a new bathroom ceiling!

These pictures are of the wall. My neighbor actually removed wood siding that was intended for outdoor use. It look very cabin like and impossible to clean. After a fresh coat of paint, the walls will be fresh and clean. I can't wait!

I think the previous owners picked up leftover housing materials from the dumpster and nailed them on the wall. I am learning so much about houses/plumbing/electric panels/etc... Most days it is interesting, but after a long day at work, negotiating with an electrician over a bid looses it's luster. Today was one of those days. Bed can not come soon enough...

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