Thursday, August 12, 2010


Back in May I had a housewarming/bday party to celebrate all the new developments happening in my life. This party was significant because I used it as a goal to finish painting most of the main level (~1100 square feet). I worked tirelessly after work and all through the weekends to make small repairs, sand, tape and paint my new home. I was exhausted, but loving how a few repairs made a world of difference. I'm still making changes, but my pace has slowed, thankfully for my health. The first pics are before and afters. The remaining pics are of friends and family who came to celebrate with me.

This is an exterior view from the real estate website.

This is a pic of my living room before I painted. This pic was also taken and posted on the real estate website (these are the last owners belongings). Please notice the black trim paint and the goldish paint on the walls and ceiling. It was unique, but not my style.

This is much more my style. I stuck with very traditional colors, accented with personal effects. You can't see it, but the coved ceiling went from a gold finish to a clean white (Behr Polar bear white to be exact)!

I spent A LOT of time working on the dining room.

The last owners, or maybe two owners ago, had an obsession with knotty pine. It is funny because several of my friends and family felt I should leave the knotty pine the way it was. I just couldn't though. I have this weird test that I use for remodeling..... if it is difficult to spot a spider, either because it is dark, or has cracks, then it has to go. Weird I know, but it works for me. So, I sanded the knotty pine, caulked the all the cracks, primed it (2X) and then painted it white (2 coats)!. I went with a nice light green on the walls and saved money by painting my cheap brass dining room fixture. I also used a dark brown floor paint to cover the 1970's lanoleum floors, but didn't capture that in the photo.

Along with painting and making repairs, I also had a blast working on little artsy projects. I saw this idea in a magazine (SUNSET- My FAVORITE!!!) and used a pic I took from a solo backpacking trip with Baby in the Wallowa Mountains.

Now on to the party pics! This is my dear friend Bree and my Mom. Bree drove down from Seattle just for this party. We go way back to our days at Washington State University. Love that girl!

Braya came into my life a few days before the party. I can't believe how little and cute she was! She has grown up so fast!

Lisa and Julie in the kitchen (notice the knotty pine cupboards?).... I can hardly wait to remodel the kitchen. It is a very spacious layout. I also think it is screaming for white granite, dark brown and stainless steel. Maybe I should have pursued a career in remodeling/design? So much fun!

Now to the backyard. Des, Chris and Kalli sitting on my back porch. It is super convenient for barbecuing and drinking beer.

I think people were ready to eat! You can see my rustic (and falling down) garage in the top of the picture. That is another project for the future. I'm envisioning a ceramics studio? My dream is to have my own wheel and kiln. I WILL make this dream come true!

Jadee is one of my oldest friends. Her and her beau Blaise also came down from Seattle to celebrate.

It was also a treat to see my extremely busy friend Heather and her guy Thomas.

Sally and Jon. I'm happy to report that the baby in her belly was born 8 days ago. A very healthy baby girl named Cylee Rose. Warm Fuzzies!

Temojai and Bryan came with their little one- Roxy. She is super cute and growing like a weed!

This view is looking out my front door. Jennifer and her fiance, and even my biker buddy Ned came!

Youme and her Mother, Stathia relaxing on the couch.

I love my Mom. I have to take a minute to say that she prepared most, if not all the food for this party while I was frantically cleaning and finishing my house prep. She is the best Mom ever and she can make a mean pasta salad!

Aubry and Braya kitty.

Jathia and Roxy (cousins).

Temojai and myself, happy campers! There was so much to be thankful for! I felt so loved by all my friends and family!

It was a great party! But.... It did take a ton of work to organize and prepare for. My Mom was also exhausted.

We all slept very well that night.

Thanks again for all the housewarming gifts, celebratory hugs and good company!

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