Sunday, August 8, 2010

it's the little things....

You know when you feel like you are in a major funk? You feel flooded with responsibilities and exhaustion keeps you from doing the things that help you feel balanced? That is how I have been feeling lately. My plate has been especially full with work stuff, remodeling responsibilities, pet craziness, social engagements, etc..... I'm not complaining, just feeling 'off'. The good news is that I know why I'm 'off' and am working to get back in a healthy place. It is amazing how consistently eating well and exercising helps, and it definitely feels like I have not been making that happen. It is also a bummer to be reminded that there are people out there who have no problems making self-serving decisions that are hurtful to others. I hate those moments when I'm reminded that humans are not inherently altruistic. A girl can dream I guess?

So enough soapbox. I just wanted to share a few things that helped bring me out of my funk yesterday. They were all in my yard. I almost feel like Fran (the last owner) knew that I would enjoy and rely on my new found relationship with all the wonderful things she planted in this yard. I'm so lucky!!

In addition to these photos of life, I was also lucky enough to attend a paella party yesterday for a coworker who triumphantly had a brain tumor removed and is doing amazingly well. His courage and amazing human spirit make it easy to remember what is really important in life. Thank you David!

Now onto pictures of the life in my yard that make me smile:

This beautiful orange flower is right outside my living room window and grows a little taller every day.

It is time to cut some of these hydrangeas so I can enjoy them inside. They remind me of my brother and Angie's amazing wedding! That was a joyous day!

So cool that I have blackberries on the back of my property. Most people hate these in their yard, but they are not taking over (yet) and producing delicious berries! As you can see, I have been snacking on them already.

The tomatoes are coming along, slowly, but I'm patient.

Tomatillos on the vine. yummo!

I have a couple of garden boxes. One is producing fruits and veggies, and then there is this much younger box. It is a late summer effort, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to water and watch cool things grow. Who knew I would love this so much?!?

I have ridiculous amounts of rosemary. I need to be using it more in my cooking. I also need to win the lottery so I can stay home every day and paint, do yoga and make amazing meals from the produce in my yard. I love daydreaming.

An apple on my cute apple tree.

I also have at least 3 hours of garlic harvesting to do. Fran hooked me up, but digging those puppies out of the ground without damaging them takes some time! Hope to get to that after work this week.

So many varieties of roses. My house has been filled with fresh cut roses for the last 2 months!

While I was on my search to capture the life in my yard that makes me happy, I caught a glimpse of another life form that has made me smile.

Anybody who knows me, knows I have a big thing about spiders. They TERRIFY me!!! They are not allowed to live happily ever after in my home with me, although I can say I have made progress. My life loving friend Erica has influenced me. I try to capture the spider in a napkin and either let it go outside or if it is a biggy, it can try to swim through the sewer system. I know, it is not great, but better than death by bug spray. This little guy actually lives on the outside of my bedroom window. I don't think he can get in through my screen, and don't think he will try because his home is so developed. He has been here as long as I have and is definitely the closest thing I have ever had to a 'pet spider'. This is progress!

So the good news is that even in a funk, I can find things that help me remember what is important. What's that saying, "don't sweat the small stuff"? I'm not joking when I say that has been my Mantra over the past few weeks! Life is too short!

Happy Sunday!

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