Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Family get-together

Isn't it crazy how families get together for weddings and funerals? We all hung out after Grandpa Mel's amazing Service at the Tahoma National Cemetery . As always, Megan and Will kept us all busy with their never-ending energy supply. Mathew was passed around, even though he wasn't feeling so hot. He was still cute as a button!

The following pic is of Will, Megan and my brother Dave (the greatest brother ever!)

Jadee also came over, since after all, she is part of the family. Jadee and I have been friends every since having Mr. Ellis's english class in junior high. We didn' t go to the same high school, but managed to room together during our freshman year at Wazzu! Go Cougs!!

I have to include this pic of Christian(my uber-cool nephew) and my sister-in-law's cat. This cat is special because it salivates... A lot.... All over you when you are holding her. She is such a lover and I think the intense cuddling makes up for the wet shoulder. Christian doesn't share my sentiments on this I guess..

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