Thursday, April 17, 2008

St. Patty's 2008

St. Patty's day this year was an unexpected celebration for myself. My very good friend Jenny drove up from Philomath and invited me out with her friends Peter and Micheal. I was just going to go out for one drink and then back home to work on my dissertation. Well... it didn't work out that way, because the truth is that spending time with Jenny is SO MUCH FUN! So we stayed out, enjoyed good music, they enjoyed some guinness and we took advantage of the company of a few Portlanders. We decided that it was fun to have pics with all of our new friends to document the fun evening. We are so cheesy~

We had a BLAST! Unfortunately, the night had to end sometime, so we stopped for a VooDoo donut before retreating home. Yummy!

The next morning, we had breakfast at Genie's(Only the best breakfast in Portland) and Peter showed up right on time but forgot to run a comb through his hair. He fit right in with the rest of the ecclectic SE crowd.
We ended the day with shopping in the Hawthorne district. Jolly Ranchers and new cheap sunglasses. Portland is really growing on me.
Come visit me again Jenny and thank you for the much needed break from dissertation!

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